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Why U.S. utilities should invest in innovation

To keep up with customer demand, utilities should get hands on with supporting clean energy startups

Can Houston lead on clean energy like it has on oil and gas?

Houston is diversifying to meet the market-and this could be good news for entrepreneurs solving energy challenges


Despairing about the Paris Accord? Here are ten specific ideas to cut carbon emissions

And the entrepreneurs working to make them a reality

To yield better clean energy investments, let us start asking the right questions

Venture capital investments in cleantech accounted for only 2% of total VC investments in the United States in 2015. That number is down from the cleantech and clean energy investment boom, and then bust, seen in the last decade. Is venture capital the wrong form of investment for clean energy, as some suggest? Or do we need to start asking the right questions?

Building an Energy Startup Hub

Let us create sustainable energy hub that is a desirable, pleasant place to work and live

Why Energy Efficiency Matters

Transportation requires energy, and massive amounts of it

Three Types of Energy Efficiency Ventures that Entrepreneurs Can Launch in 2016

Deep Energy Retrofit, Do Not Chill on Chillers, Schedule the Building

The SURF Framework Makes Sustainable Luxury Achievable


The Cycle Lift

Innovation is here to ease the uphill cycling dilemma. There is a technological solution that can have a high up-take due to its practical, fun and “cool” factor: the Bicycle Lift.

The Underwater Hotel

Climate change presents challenges to coastal development with the increasing risk of sea level rise. Can the underwater hotel help?

The Something Else of Austin

The sustainability opportunities and challenges of a town called Austin.


What is the quadruple approach to sustainability?

International sustainability events can spur collective action and partnership, but delegates can often travel thousands of kilometers just to get there. How can we look at conferences in a new way?

The British are coming… (or how spreading low carbon energy policy is becoming a bit of a thing in Britain)

What does energy efficiency mean in the opposite sides of the Atlantic? A focus on the transatlantic teaching of energy efficiency from a study tour in the UK.

Toilet Land of Japan

Exploring sustainability as a tourist in Japan.

Earth Day 2012

Using social and professional online media to pledge “green” acts of kindness, to microfinance sustainable start-ups in local and far-away places, to analyze water, carbon and ecological footprints, to make eco-friendly consumption decisions, and to nurture new ideas for the planet using virtual communities…

Cradle to Cradle: Turning Nuclear “Waste” into Nuclear Fuel

Using the cradle-to-cradle theory, in which “waste” equals “food,”the paper explains how a closed-loop nuclear industry should form part of the solution to our energy problem. The cradle-to-cradle concept, technical closed-loop options for used nuclear fuel, benefits and limitations to closed-loop processes, as well as key figures for a cradle-to-grave versus cradle-to-cradle nuclear industry are provided.